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Showing You the Way

We began Church Project in 2010 with the value of simplicity for the sake of generosity. We have maintained our commitment of 50% of our budget outside the walls of our church for meeting needs through gospel-centered ministry partnerships and church planting locally & globally.

People who follow Jesus give their lives away to serve others. Jesus did that, so should those who follow Him. We want to follow Jesus, and we encourage and challenge one another to give our lives to things that matter now and forever.

Alexander Moore

Senior Pastor

God is not interested in the physical attitude of prayer. It doesn’t make any difference in what horizontal, vertical, or oblong direction your carcass happens to be; if your soul is not down before God, you are not praying. Your body can be in any condition, but if your soul is bold, defiant against God, you know nothing about prayer.

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Showing You the Way

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